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Contribute to PSMA PAC

In order for an organization to be effective it has to have a well-funded Political Action Committee (PAC). PSMA is not allowed to use dues to given donations to candidates and political parties. All monies used for that purpose come from a separate PSMA PAC which gets its funding directly from contributions by members. This past year the PSMA PAC made some very critical donations to legislators who ended up supporting us in our quest for union legislation.

This effort requires a small contribution from everyone. Please consider donating $2.00 or more per paycheck to the PSMA PAC. You can get a special PAC dues deduction card by e-mailing, or directly from your payroll clerk. You can also send a donation to:

212 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

New Member $100 Bonus

Earn $100 for every new member that you refer that enrolls in PSMA. 1. New member must complete a payroll dues deduction card and submit it to their payroll office. 2. The new member must also complete a PSMA membership application and mail the application to the PSMA at 212 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. The membership application must list the name of the PSMA sponsoring member in order to be eligible for the $100.00 recruitment rebate. 3. The Executive Director will issue the rebate to the sponsor upon receipt of payroll deduction verification and the completed membership application with the sponsor's name.

Legislative Update

The Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee has released a concurrent resolution aimed at overturning the job banding rules adopted earlier this year by the Civil Service Commission. SCR-147, sponsored by Senators Robert Gordon (D - Bergen) and Linda Greenstein (D - Mercer), would impose the Legislature's constitutional authority to overturn rules deemed inconsistent with legislative intent. The Commission adopted the job banding rules, effective June 2014, despite earlier passage of a concurrent resolution to prevent the rule even prior to its adoption. As this is the potentially the second approval of an invalidating resolution, it could upon final passage invalidate the rule. The committee approved the resolution 3 - 0 with one abstention, and an identical resolution has already passed the Assembly.

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Analysis: Would an Elected Comptroller Solve NJ's Pension Crisis?

New York and New Jersey are high-cost states that share a regional economy, high state and local government payrolls and benefit plans, a wealthy tax base, and a scandal-ridden Port Authority.

What the two states don't share is a massive pension crisis and the poor bond ratings that go along with it.

While the price tag for New Jersey's current $37 billion unfunded pension liability comes out to $12,000 per household -- and is likely to top $50 billion within the next five years -- New York has the third-lowest pension liability in the country as a percentage of its annual state revenues.

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PSMA Retirees' Network Update

The Retrees' Network held its Third Breakfast at Wegman's in West Windsor on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Items discussed included establishing a Retiree's Network Coordinating Committee, increasing membership, and future events. We also agreed to hold another breakfast in about three months.

If you are interested in serving on the Coordinating Committee please send a n email to Barry Chalofsky at

PSMA Retirees' Network membership is now up to 38 members! As many of you are aware a number of long-time PSMA members have retired from the State. While this has been a loss to PSMA we all understand that this is part of life - especially for State workers. We strongly encourage these recent retirees to join the PSMA Retirees' Network. If you know of a retired manager (or non-manager), please have him or her go to here
for more information.
for more information.

IBEW Seeks to Organize X, Y, V and W Managers

TManagers in X, Y, V, and W titles interested in learning how to organize with IBEW, please contact Joe Mastrogiovanni, Jr., IBEW Lead Organizer, at
Welcome to the Public Sector Managers' Association

The Public Sector Managers' Association, Inc. (PSMA) has been recognized by the State of New Jersey as the Constitutional Representative of all non- aligned/non-union managers in New Jersey government as of November 13, 1993 pursuant to Article 1, Paragraph 19 of the New Jersey State Constitution. PSMA's responsibility under that provision is to serve as a vehicle for two-way communication between the State as an employer and its managerial employees. The representation, however, is limited to managers who are PSMA dues-paying members of the State government. PSMA is a partner with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 30 which represents certain managers in State government. PSMA works closely with IBEW Local 30 on issues related to managers who are represented by IBEW Local 30 and those that are not eligible for representation.

PSMA's mission is to serve managers in New Jersey government by achieving and maintaining superior and ethical management service; promoting a high regard for our managers by those outside and within the government; and restoring equity to the human resource policies and practices of New Jersey government as they relate to managers.

Message From IBEW Local 30 Executive Board
Salary Increases Have Started!

The first in a series of salary adjustments and increases has appeared in the first paycheck in October. The following is a schedule provided by the State:

1. October 10, 2014 - retro payment for individuals placed on step.

2. November 7, 2014 - 1% increase is implemented

3. November 28, 2014 - check date for retro payment for 1% across the board

4. November 28, 2014 - check date for lump sum payment for individuals above step 10 or above the cap

5. December 5, 2014 - 1.75% increase is implemented

6. December 26, 2014 - check date for retro payment for 1.75% increase

7. December 26, 2014 - lump sum payment for individuals above step 10 or above the cap
We know there are some managers whose status and raises are still being worked on, just as there are certain managers who will only be receiving lump-sum raises in fairly short order.

The Executive Board of IBEW Local 30 wants to stress that this is only the beginning of our fight. We will soon be gearing up for the next round of negotiations and need to show that we have the support of our members. Therefore, IBEW Local 30 needs to increase the number of managers signed up to become full dues paying members of the Union.

To those of you who have done so already we sincerely thank you; to the eligible managers who have not done so we urge you to step up and support YOUR UNION by becoming a full member. To sign up, please download and fill out the IBEW Membership Application and Dues Deduction Card on our site. Then send them to :

IBEW Local 30
212 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

The IBEW Executive Board will soon begin to prepare for the next contract negotiations with the State. As you know the current contract expires on June 30, 2015 and we expect to begin formal negotiations sometime in February.

*We need your support! By signing up to be full members of IBEW Local 30 you will send a strong message to the negotiations team, and more importantly, to the State indicating Local 30 has the full support of its members!

*We need your ideas and suggestions! Please tell us your ideas and concerns related to improving the terms and conditions of the contract going forward. We clearly recognize continued salary increases are a primary goal we must continue to prioritize. We are committed to continue our fight to restore fairness and equity to the compensation plan and to abate salary compression between managers and their subordinates.

*We need designated Shop Stewards! As you know we represent managers in all 16 departments. Although we are happy to report the number of grievances and discipline matters have not been overwhelming it is nevertheless important we have managers trained and ready to provide support and guidance when necessary to our members. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a Shop Steward.

*We have posted the Contract Salary Chart for the raises along with a discussion on how to determine your increases at

IBEW continues to work with the State to refine the list of eligible managers. The revised list (July 31, 2014) and eligibility criteria are available at Please be aware that the list will continue to be refined and will change over time as managers' situations change.

Many people have contacted IBEW about getting their names on the eligible list. Please be aware that you have to work through your Department's Office of Human Resources if you believe that you are eligible - please follow the directions on the eligibility page.

In Solidarity,
IBEW Local 30 Executive Board

Special Notice Regarding PSMA Dues

To our dismay and surprise, the State altered the dues deduction process for certain PSMA members without notice on Pay Period 21. As a result the PSMA dues deductions for all IBEW eligible members were terminated as of that pay period. PSMA is currently in discussions with the State to have them restored. Please note that PSMA dues are still being deducted for PSMA members who are currently not IBEW eligible.

As you know, PSMA is the organization that fought to get managers union representation by initiating the partnership with IBEW and providing the resources over the last four years to achieve the first labor contract ever for managers in NJ State government.

We are examining the future relationship between PSMA and IBEW to allow us to work more closely together. Please be assured that we are committed to the long-term viability of PSMA and we will continue to provide you with updates on this issue in the near future. We will be reaching out to the affected managers shortly via email.

As always, thank you for your support and loyalty.

PSMA Board of Directors

Opinion: Pension suit dismissal - Once Christie signs a law, no mulligans allowed

Recently, Gov. Christie's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the pension lawsuits brought by various public employee unions. The stated grounds for dismissal were that it is unconstitutional for a legislative session to impose financial obligations on successive administrations. According to, "The 2011 law shifted more pension costs to public workers, but it also gave them a contract right to full payments from the state budget into their underfunded retirement plans every year. Now, lawyers for Christie are calling that budget obligation unconstitutional, 'void and unenforceable' and economically reckless."

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PSMA/IBEW Local 30 Oppose Revised Banding Rule

PSMA and IBEW submitted the following comments to the Civil Service Commission:

Henry Maurer, Director
Division of Appeals and Regulatory Affairs
Civil Service Commission
P.O. Box 312
Trenton, NJ 08625-0312

Dear Director Maurer,

Herewith please find comments to N.J.A.C. 4A:3-3.2A, Proposal Number: PRN 2014-134 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 30 (IBEW Local 30) and the Public Sector Managers' Association (PSMA), which represent managers in State government.

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